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About Us

KEY INT Holding Limited provides its customers with creative designs, intuitive interfaces, and professional and prompt assistance, along with the general satisfaction of working well together.

For us, each client is unique, because everything is custom designed for your project and goals. We do not use any templates.

We measure our success by the success of our clients. We only consider KEY INT Holding Limited as successful ONLY if you are satisfied with our result, and we have reached all your expectations. Want to give it a try? We are ready to help you!


Unlock your database potential with KEY INT Holding Limited. Learn more about the database services that we offer:

Database creation

Want to keep all your data at hand and manage your business successfully? Choose KEY INT Holding Limited as your database partners. The database created by our well-knit team helps you scale quickly and reach global distribution without worrying about costly downtime. If your business is based upon a good customer relationship, than a well-run database must be a central part of any campaign. Create a good reputation for your business under our guidance.

Removal of database duplicates

Database duplicates can be a great help to your campaign. You can conduct backup and recovery procedures, upgrade to a new release of your database, or test the effect of new applications on database performance. But as soon as your problems are solved, you don’t know what to do with these duplicates. KEY INT Holding Limited can remove all database duplicates without hassle.

Converting a database into the required format

Every company has routine work. We know how to optimise it, making it easier and faster. Our synchronisation tools rapidly convert and replicate your database while preserving your data integrity, database structure, and relations between tables.

Removal of database structure conflicts

Benefit from stable database work by relying on our team of professionals. They are ready to remove any conflicts in database structure 24/7. Take advantage of modern tools and skills that will improve the performance of your database.

Database processing related to website usage

Enjoy the benefits of database processing related to website usage. All the information in your database will be connected to the website, and if you change data in the database, the website will change it too. No human intervention needed. To assist you in database driven type of web pages, we also offer a profitable strategy that can be very effective for small businesses as it doesn’t require much spend.

Processing of data related to SEO optimisation

SEO can be a tough nut to crack. You need to define your goals, analyse your competitors, and modify your SEO plan. Our skilled team will back you up in driving SEO content directly from the database. Get to the top of Google searches without stress.
We also provide:
Website/app analysis and research
Content creation and placement
Website traffic

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